Intimpas forest

Ampay National Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary established in 1987. It is located in the district of Tamburco, just north of the city of Abancay, Peru. Its 36.35 square kilometres (14.03 sq mi), which include Mount Ampay, protect the Pachachaca River basin and several endangered plant species, being the most representative the conifer called Intimpa (Podocarpus glomeratus). 


The forests of Ampay are particular for their composition and structure characterized by the dominance of the Intimpas trees that despite being protected, urgently need more conservation efforts by the local population and authorities of the Sanctuary that lead to reduce the negative impacts linked to anthropic activities.

The forests of “Intimpas” (Podocarpus glomeratus) within the Ampay Sanctuary are characterized by being humid forests and situated in an altitude ranging from 3200 to 3800 masl.