Mother tree and its birds

Deep inside the Ampay National Sanctuary is hiding the oldest Intimpa tree recorded. The local people call it the Mother Intimpa tree, and its also probably one of the highest of the forest.

Intimpa trees are appreciated by local people for protection against rain on the forested slopes of the mountains. At the surroundings of the Ampay, where the Intimpas endure, the chachacomos, unkas, tayankas, wancartipas, wamaq’eros, chuyllures, jalastos, siracas, t’astas, capulí-pishay standout, strong and vigorous native trees, some more than 25 meters tall. They all contribute to stopping the propagation of unwanted burning in the Andes.


Ampay National Sanctuary is characterized by its bird diversity: 195 bird species have been recorded within the Ampay National Sanctuary

The endemic bird species of the Ampay is the “Apurimac spinetail” (Synallaxis courseni). It appears on the edges of humid montane forests in the middle part of the Apurímac river basin, especially in the mountainous massif of Ampay. It is the flag species of the Sanctuary and can be registered in montane scrubland, edge of forests and montane forests between 2900 and 3600 masl. It is currently in a Vulnerable state of conservation. Its population within the Sanctuary has been estimated at 917 adult individuals.